Why Should You Hire a Property Management Company

01 Oct Why Should You Hire a Property Management Company

Are you dwelling on the decision to hire a property management company in Auckland? We can help you make your decision.

When thinking about hiring a property manager for your rental property there are two factors to consider: your lifestyle decisions and return on investment. Many owners determine that their time would be more productively and enjoyably spent doing something other than actively managing their rental properties.

Here are a few things that a property manager can do for you.

• Research comparable local properties to determine the optimal rental rate for your property.
• Market the property to minimize vacancies and maximize income.
• Screen tenants and protect you from bad prospects and scams.
• Maintain the property and handle preventative maintenance in order to maintain the value of your investment.

If you decide to use the property management services of  property management and rental company,  find a property manager who is a good fit for your rental property.  The benefits can be substantial, including:

• Higher quality tenants
• Shorter vacancy cycles
• Fewer costly and time-consuming legal problems
• Better tenant retention
• Tighter rent collection process

So don’t wait. Contact Fahey Property Management now to discuss your rental property.

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