Tenant Screening for Rental Properties in Hamilton

11 Nov Tenant Screening for Rental Properties in Hamilton

No landlord ever wants a bad tenant, but unfortunately a lot of times rental property owners end up with tenants who may not be ideal. There may be a bunch of different reasons for this, may be the rental company you hired doesn’t have a proper screening process or may be the applicant knew how to hide facts that would eliminate them from consideration. Either way, a strict screening process can reduce this risk.

The tenant screening process for rental properties in Hamilton may vary from company to company. It is essential that you discuss the screening process with the property management company you are considering to hire for your rental property before getting into any contract.

Remember that, when it comes to screening process, the more comprehensive they are the better it is for you. Make sure that former landlords are contacted, income and employment is verified, credit check done and all the application information is verified for authenticity.

At Fahey Property Management we have our own time-tested methods for tenant screening. We assure you that your property is in trusted hands by doing a complete background checks on all potential tenants.

Fahey Property Managers bring together a wealth of rental property management and tenant consultancy experience with a passion for customer service to provide both landlords and tenants with a stress-free property rental experience. Visit our website for information or give us a call at (09) 524 5934.