Tenant Responsibilities in Auckland

05 Aug Tenant Responsibilities in Auckland

When you move into a rental property it is important that you don’t think of it as a rental but think of it as your home and care for it the way you would if you owned the property. As a tenant in an Auckland rental property you have certain responsibilities, let’s take a look at what those responsibilities are.

As a tenant in Auckland here are a list of things for Tenant Responsibilities:

1. Changing light bulbs.

2. Keeping the house, including the garden neat and tidy.

3. If it is a furnished property it is your responsibility to maintain all internal decoration, appliances and furniture. Note that you are not responsible for replacing items that have just had plenty of wear and tear.

4. If you are going away during cold weather you must make sure to turn the water off (at the mains).

5. Replacing batteries in items like smoke alarms.

6. Don’t bring in any pets into your rental property unless your landlord allows it.

7. Cleaning the house including windows and doors.

8. Keeping the property well ventilated to prevent moisture and dampness.

9. Reporting any repairs or maintenance that the landlord is responsible for is also your responsibility.

There may be other items on your tenancy agreement but these are some of the most common responsibilities that a tenant in Auckland has. And if you need helping finding a rental property in Auckland, give Fahey Property Management a call or visit our website.