Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs

rental property maintenance and repairs

23 Oct Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs

A huge part of a property manager’s responsibilities is to administer the ongoing rental property maintenance and repairs of the property that they manage. This includes actions like getting quotes for property maintenance , making property repair recommendations to owners, overseeing the maintenance work / activities  and resolving any complaints that may arise when property maintenance services and repairs are not performed properly.

As a landlord you want your rental property to stay in good condition but when it comes to hiring maintenance contractors for rental property repairs and maintenance you may not always know who to hire. You might have to go through multiple contractors before finding the one who doesn’t just do quality work but also charges a fair price. Our property managers at Fahey Property Management have established solid relationships with experienced contractors who are reliable, provide quality workmanship and because of our ongoing association, great prices. This “on-tap” access to quality contractors is one of the greater advantages of hiring a reliable property management company like Fahey Property Management (FPM).

We visit your rental properties regularly, conduct routine maintenance inspections and provide you, our owner,  with a full rental property report including photos. This property appraisal report is provided  at three monthly intervals to ensure your property is maintained to a high standard.  In this report we note any repairs that may be required so that they can be attended to promptly and this ensures that repairs are addressed early on.

Our friendly and reliable property managers are happy to assist you and guide you through any processes. We also provide FREE rental appraisal for properties in Auckland and Hamilton. Contact us today!