Media Release:We manage 230 properties in Auckland / Waikato

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30 Aug Media Release:We manage 230 properties in Auckland / Waikato

In all our years of business we have never had a case such as this.


My comments follow on a recent case in the media involving Fahey Property Management.

We manage 230 properties in Auckland/ Waikato, and the overwhelming majority of our tenants are fantastic people – a dream to work with, who take care of their homes. There are exceptions and this case was unfortunately one.

Regarding property management, my company operates based on the values of integrity, passion, and fairness. This case relates to a situation in which we feel the tenant regrettably has not upheld their obligations in terms of maintaining the property to a proper standard.

In all our years of business, we have never had a case such as this. It has been a difficult situation for us to deal with, but it has reminded me of the strength of our processes and the integrity of my wider team.

  • We endeavour to ensure our tenants and owners are well taken care of – it is in everyone’s best interest. In this case, we have done everything we can to try to guarantee a positive outcome. We have followed all our legal obligations and gone the extra mile for this tenant. I’m also really proud of the way my team has managed this difficult situation.
  • With respect to fumigation, it is our legal obligation to do this and, in this case, we have fumigated the unit two times. However, in saying this, both parties have obligations according to The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Development’s legislation and we have held up our side of the bargain.

The relevant part of the legislation reads: “Landlords need to make sure the property is free from pests and tenants need to keep their house in a condition that doesn’t encourage pests. They also need to know what to do if there’s an infestation.” See the Pest and infestations – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Development (NZ).

I wanted to also take the opportunity to thank all our excellent owners and tenants for their continued support over the years. It has been wonderful to have so many people be in touch with words of encouragement recently over this case. I’m always happy to talk if you want to contact me about management of a property and please share my comments around your networks if you feel it can help anyone.