Maintaining an Auckland Rental Property

19 Aug Maintaining an Auckland Rental Property

As Auckland property managers we understand how maintaining and repairing an Auckland rental property can be daunting. There is always one thing or the other that you miss out, which is why we have created a list of key items that you must keep an eye out for maintenance and repairing and how often you should inspect these parts of your property to make sure your Auckland rental property stays in good shape.


It is important that you inspect your roof twice a year for things like loose or missing shingles, areas that might need a bit of wear and tear, mold or any signs of pest.


You must inspect your property’s foundation at least once per year for leaning walls, bulges, cracks and other type of damage. Don’t forget to check your basement walls and floor for any signs of moisture.

Windows and doors:

Your windows and doors need to be inspected twice a year to make sure that all the locks are working. You also need to check for broken and cracked windows or missing and damaged screens. Also keep an eye out for loose hinges and frames.

Siding and Paint:

This needs to be inspected twice a year, in spring and fall season. Check for cracks.
When it comes to an Auckland rental property it is absolutely crucial to check for any signs of moisture as well as look for paint that might be peeling, cracking or bubbling.

Heating and Cooling:

Inspect vents or baseboard heaters on a monthly basis. Get all systems services annually by a professional.

So, those are the 5 main items that every Auckland rental property owner must keep an eye on. And if you need assistance with renting out your property contact Fahey Property Management today!