Client Tribute – Kevin Skinner

01 Jul Client Tribute – Kevin Skinner

Angela is the skipper I’ve trusted for 15 years

I’ve known Angela for more than 15 years and she’s been managing our rental property for almost as long. Actually, before Angela set up Fahey Property Management she worked in the office next to me and it was her straight talk and in-depth knowledge of the property market that convinced me to buy an investment property in the first place. I put it in Angela’s capable hands and haven’t looked back since.

Zero-stress management

As a busy businessperson I just don’t have the time to deal with the day-to-day hassles of managing a rental property. Dealing with tenants, sorting out repairs and rent payments let alone changes to legislation. I’m away 6 months in the year and the last thing I want is my wife (or me!) to get a call at 1am in the morning with some drama at my property. That’s why Angela is perfect. She deals with all the paperwork, tenant issues and rental problems so we don’t have to. I usually forget we even have a rental property until we get the monthly report and see the rent paid into our account.

Maximise the tenants not the rent

As well as her professionalism, one of the things I love about Angela is that she always keeps up with the property game and can smell a bad tenant from a mile away.

She knows that the key to maximising your return on investment over time is by getting excellent tenants that pay the market rental rate and never let you down. It’s a philosophy that has worked for the both of us for years. It’s not about short-term gain and long-term pain. It’s about managing my asset to ensure maximum benefit over time.

I have a 4-bedroom house with a 2-bedroom unit at The Gardens in Manurewa. Careful management of this property has ensured that even when tenants move on it has never been unoccupied – FPM have always been able to rent it out to great people.

Straight-talkers who keep it real

If you’ve got a rental property and are thinking about using a property management company, I highly recommend FPM. Angela and her team are straight talkers who always take action immediately if there are any issues. Using them has ensured I’ve had peace of mind with my biggest investment for more than a decade now. Give the team a call and see how they can help you the way they’ve helped me.