Residential Property Management Waikato

While owning a residential investment property in the Waikato can provide great returns over time, it can also be a stressful and time-consuming undertaking. Having an expert Waikato property manager on your team to help you look after your Waikato rentals can turn your financial endeavours from a burden into a pleasure.

As a Waikato property investor, you want the peace of mind of knowing that your rental property is in safe hands. That’s where we at Fahey Property Management Waikato come in.

Instead of you having to deal with the day-to-day issues of managing your Waikato rentals, you can sit back and relax, fully confident that the management of your valuable investment is in our safe hands.

Purely a property management company

At Fahey Property Management Waikato we do not sell real estate. We’re purely a residential property management Wakiato company, managing residential properties in the Waikato, from central Hamilton north to Flagstaff and surrounds and to the outer lying areas of Whatawhata and Rotokauri in the west, Ruakura and Puketaha in the east, to Rukuhia in the south and everywhere in between.

As dedicated Waikato property managers, we concentrate all our resources on ensuring that your specific Waikato property management needs are fulfilled. This means we will look after your rental property the way we would look after our own, using our professional skills and experience to find quality tenants, minimize vacancies and handle marketing, repairs, maintenance, accounting and legal compliance efficiently and cost-effectively.

Waikato property management is all about relationships

At Fahey Property Management we know that effective Waikato property management is all about relationships. Relationships between landlords and tenants, tradespeople, maintenance services and others all shape the success of an investment property.

Our Waikato property management agents are experts in communication, problem solving and time management, and take a proactive approach to managing all the rental properties that we look after in the Waikato. Our ability to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships enables us to anticipate situations and take appropriate action to prevent issues from arising.

We believe that every property is unique, every landlord has different needs and objectives, and every tenant is different. That’s why our Waikato property managers are able to tailor individual solutions for every Waikato rental property we manage. This invariably results in the properties we manage being leased in a time-efficient manner, and remaining leased with the right tenant on board.

1. For landlords

Our Waikato property agents make it their business to get to know our landlords so they can understand your needs, objectives and expectations in order to help you maximise the performance of your Waikato investment property. Irrespective of whether you own a rental apartment in the Hamilton CBD or an investment unit in Claudelands, a family home in Chartwell or a lifestyle block in Ruakura you will want to ensure you get the best return on your investment. Your property manager at Fahey Property Management will help you achieve precisely that.

2. For tenants

Our Waikato property managers are experts in matching the right property with the right tenant. We work to ensure our tenants are fully aware of their rights and their responsibilities, because we recognise that a happy tenant is crucial to the success of the investment property. So, irrespective of whether you’re looking for an apartment amidst the bright lights of central Hamilton or something quieter in the outer suburbs, our ability to cultivate, foster and grow strong relationships so we really understand our prospective tenants means we can help you find the right Waikato rental property for your specific needs.

Our Waikato property management services

Irrespective of whether you have a single rental property in the Waikato or a growing portfolio of investment properties, our Waikato property management services are focused on helping you maximize your returns.

Our Waikato property management services include the following:

  • Appraising your rental property to ensure it’s marketed for the right rent
  • Effectively marketing your rental property in order to find the right tenant and ensure minimal vacancies
  • Keeping your rental property in good order by arranging for the necessary maintenance and repairs
  • Providing ongoing advice on market rents in the Waikato and conducting regular rent reviews of your rental property
  • Interviewing, screening and reference checking applicants to ensure you get the right tenants
  • Ensuring you always get your rent
  • Doing thorough inspections of your rental property at the start of, during and at the end of each tenancy, and providing you with detailed reports
  • Managing and resolving any tenant disputes

From rental appraisals to full property management, the Waikato property managers at Fahey Property Management will relieve you of the stress of managing your rental properties in the Waikato. Contact us today to find out more about how easy it to have your Waikato rental properties managed by an experienced Waikato property management company and discover the difference a dedicated property management company can make to your investment returns.

Maximize the return on your property investment by having it looked after by experienced professional property managers.